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Winner of the 2023 London International Creative award



'Father' is more than just Tammy Swarek's latest series—it's a transformative renaissance in the realm of representation, challenging time-honored archetypes that have long dominated art history. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 'Madonna and Child,' this compelling collection shifts the artistic gaze to focus on the often-overlooked yet deeply divine bond between father and child. In an artistic landscape where the complexities of paternal love are seldom explored, 'Father' emerges as a poignant tribute to the vital roles fathers assume in shaping the emotional and cognitive landscapes of their children.

The individual pieces within 'Father' are far from standalone endeavors. They are instead a harmonious collaboration with artists and participants of unparalleled distinction. Featuring an all-star lineup contributing their unique father-child dynamics, the resulting work weaves a complex yet beautifully resonant tapestry of narratives.

Already making waves and drawing media attention, 'Father' transcends being merely a series to become a burgeoning movement towards inclusivity and emotional authenticity within the art world. While the medium may have evolved, the emotional essence captured is timeless, merging age-old sentiments with a contemporary lens.

Keep an eye out; 'Father' is more than a series—it's an unfolding narrative that promises to captivate and inspire."

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