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Fashion and photography come together for a great cause.  The #ShelterPetsProject Campaign showcases animals available for adoption at the Union County Animal Protection Society (UCAPS) in the most unique way.  See one of our superstars you can't live without?  Contact UCAPS at (870) 862-0502 where they can arrange transport world wide.  Check out the fun merchandise available for each pup by clicking their link.  


(870) 677-0101

275 Fawnwood Cir El Dorado AR United States 71730


This Bohemian Princess is one of the most loving rescues in our project. Catori is terrific with children as well as other dogs. Her stunning headdress was donated by New York designer Joan M. Kelly for Cosmik Souls Handcrafted Jewelry and Couture Accessories, and gown provided by South Arkansas Arts Center in El Dorado, Arkansas. Union County Animal Protection Society (UCAPS) can arrange transport world wide. Find out more about beautiful Lab mix by contacting UCAPS 1-870-862-0502

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